Critical Situation – In Lebensgefahr

on 5th May, Evelyn was admitted into the Ningbo Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital in very critical condition. She showed severe signs of undernourishment and mobility loss. In the days before she did stop eating and lost weight to a critical point.

In first examination the doctors found extremely low electrolytes and other essential blood values where unbalanced.In the CT takes during admission some shadowing was found at the left brain area which also showed signs of increased brain pressure.

The malnutrition and mobility lost was caused by the fact that the brain pressure had strongly increased caused by the blockage of the 4th ventricle drainage. In an MRI taken later it is confirmed that a tumor was causing this situation.

Emergency measurements were taken to lower the pressure by medication (Mannitol) as well as finding a clinic that could proceed in removing the tumor from the brain area in order to reinstall the normal brain pressure.

With this normal pressure Evelyn will be able to move normally and eat the food she likes. Thus it would help to improve her total vital status.

Important is to remark that the lung cancer itself ha largely lost on size and is decreasing continuously.

More to come soon

Against Cancer Fight
Against Cancer Fight

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