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We need you Wir brauchen Sie

Es ist nicht möglich hier in China ein Crowdfunding als Fundraiser für den Erwerb der Medikamente einzurichten. Ersten sind die meisten Seiten geblockt, zweitens können wir in diese Seiten keine Daten eingeben wie Postleitzahl etc… Wir haben es mehrfach probiert, es geht leider nicht. Daher brauchen wir IHRE Unterstützung. Bitte richten Sie ein Crowdfunding für den Kauf von speziellen Medikamenten für Evelyn’s Krebsbehandlung ein. Die eingegangenen Mittel können auf unser DKB Bankkonto in Deutschland direkt überwiesen werden. Gerne dürfen Sie auf den Inhalt dieser Webseite für diesen Zweck zurückgreifen. Bitte teilen Sie uns mit, wenn Sie ein Crowdfunding, Charitable, eingerichtet haben. Gerne verlinken wir auch mit dieser Seite. Danke

Unfortunately it is not possible to set up a crowdfunding in China. Its is technically a big problem as most sites are blocked by  the “great fire wall” but even if we can access the site there are obstacles like the address in China, Zip,Pin code etc.. We had been there and it didn’t work out. Therefore we would be appreciating YOUR support by setting up such fund raiser on Evelyn’s behalf. Once the fund are in, you can transfer it to our German bank account. You can be based in any country around the globe as long as you are have a fundraising site that will work in your location. For this purpose you can use content of this NingboLife website, but please inform us when you have a fundraiser started. We are also glad to link with your site. Any questions please contact me directly. Thank you

Here a list of the most popular Crowdfunding websites.

1. Razoo:  “a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life.” Over 14,000 nonprofits have used this platform to raise around 100 million.

2. CausesFor people who want to change the world. Categories vary from disaster relief efforts to human rights. Causes has raised more than 30 million for non-profits.

3. BuzzbnkA UK platform that supports social entrepreneurs and innovators. “Positive People Backing Bright Ideas.”

4. StartSomeGood: StartSomeGood empowers “social innovators,” and forwards the trend of social entrepreneurship. It is a relatively new social site.

5. Crowdrise: Named the “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist.” Since 2009, Crowdrise has helped bring together volunteers and philanthropists to spread the call of service.

6. CauseVox: Is a NYC startup social site that focuses on helping small to medium sized non-profits raise funds and have a social impact.

7. Kickstarter: A project crowdfunding website that any organization or individual can use to finance their event or project.

8. Indiegogo: An international crowdfunding site for creative types that can also be used to raise money for charity and non-profit organizations.

9. Rockethub.com: A crowdfunding platform used by all types of organizations and individuals ranging from scientists to philanthropists.

10. Pozible.com: An Australia-based website that encourages creative projects and ideas. This website can also be used for charity purposes.

Also Facebook, which is not accessible for us here in China


More information about crowdfunding for example on this site:


there are specialized sites for charity funding too. Please check with your google or local search engine for the best workable solution

Please see this example where we got stuck in www.justgiving.com  www.razzo.com now mightycause.com

required zip/pin in UK 🙁

With your help we can handle such obstacles

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Against Cancer Fight