Against all odds

Against all odds, let’s see what the Webster says about it: ”

against all (the) ˈodds

in spite of great difficulties or problems; although it seemed impossible: ♢ It’s a romantic story of love surviving against all odds.

The story:

Evelyn took this problem about 1.5 years ago as a special point on her “Bucket List”. With all dedication, she pushed for it to reach a point only 3 weeks for the starting date that the location and the students were still not confirmed. It was a difficult situation as the school holidays just were begin to start and the teachers and related persons were highly involved in exams. However things turned well within 2 days after Mr. Guo, Ningbo Charity Federation, made an important phone call to the school.
Suddenly within a few days, all was cleared and put into action.
The detailed schedule of the camp, insurance, transportation, financial realization- fully sponsored by the club members own funds-, volunteers were set in place.
We should not forget that Evelyn has chemotherapy for over 2.5 years now, In fact, the next day after the camp was finished she already was admitted to the Number 2 hospital again for the 4-day treatment.
Evelyn and the total team had organized about 38 volunteers from the university, school, parents, toastmaster, and Rotarians. It was the result of a great group effort.
See this short movie about the event.
Evelyn did well and had no severe situation.
She did it by her dedication and believing that things will always finally turn out well.
Thank you, Evelyn, a great role model. But now is time to care about yourself again.

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