English translation: German “grandmother” is gone! But Eckhard said that he wants to carry charity on! Because this is the best nostalgia for her!

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On the morning of July 1, the foreign friend Eckhard appeared in the Ningbo Charity Federation. This time, Eckhard sent a lot of supplies to the charity store, all new toys and beautiful books.

Unlike in the past, his wife Evelyn just passed away a few days ago.

At the end of 2015, Evelyn was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in a hospital in Ningbo. During the treatment period, Evelyn did not stop charity. She and Eckhard traveled around and organized a rich summer camp to let more than 20 migrant workers spend an unforgettable summer vacation. At the end of the summer camp, the children took Evelyn and said “grandmother”. For a long time, they did not want to leave. Evelyn also promised the children, they will see you again, but this promise can not be realized now.


After doing good for more than ten years, the old couple witnessed “love” with action.

Eckhard is one of the winners of the 2008 “Camilla Award” in Ningbo. This is an award specially designed for foreign experts in the country to recognize their contribution to Ningbo’s economic construction. In the 14 years in Ningbo, the German couple fell in love with this land.

It is reported that Eckhard and his wife Evelyn and the Ningbo Charity Federation are in a gathering, and it is because of that conversation that they have the idea of ​​doing public welfare. In the year of severe flooding in southern China, they organized donations during the dinner party and raised more than 8,000 yuan for a meal. After the Wenchuan earthquake, they also made donations.

In recent years, the focus of the couple’s attention has been on the children of migrant workers.  Eckhard himself explained that he and his wife have no children, but they all like children very much, and the children of migrant workers are a group of distressed children. “I think everyone should have equal opportunities to lead better. Life is not determined by the environment. This is no different in any country.”

Evelyn and her husband have the same idea. She even wrote a book for this. It is mentioned in the book that even if only 1% of the children finally listened to it and found a way to change their destiny and improve their lives, all efforts will be made. The value is up. Under the inspiration of the Eckhard couple, hundreds of foreign friends in Ningbo joined the event. They gave the children free tutors in their spare time and brought many books and daily necessities to the children.

Before Evelyn became ill, Eckhard organized an English party every week in the hotel lobby to encourage the children to come to him to practice oral English. In 2017, Eckhard raised more than 2,000 yuan in a party and many plush toys and entrusted us to the children.

▲   Eckhard and Guo Tianfang, deputy secretary general of Ningbo Charity Federation, behind the plush toys to be given to the children of migrant workers

Evelyn in the hospital bed is even more admirable. Her New Year’s wish is to hold a summer camp for children of migrant workers in 2018, and has made detailed plans for this.

▲ summer camp activities

Good is a force that binds people together

Evelyn is suffering from advanced adenocarcinoma, advanced. There is no chance of surgery, only medication. “The treatment of adenocarcinoma is well-recognized by targeted drugs, but this drug is provocative, and genetic testing found that Evelyn could not apply targeted drugs,” said Song Meijun, a respiratory physician at Li Huili Hospital.

Dr. Song retired and chose other drugs. “The first medicine, imported more than 40,000 yuan a course of treatment, domestically produced more than 7,000 yuan a course of treatment, they chose to make domestically. Sixty-seven times used down, resistant, there is a five or six thousand yuan a course of medicine is the best The alternative, but they said that they couldn’t afford it, I found a cheap one, but a few times, it was resistant, and I had to change it.”

Evelyn was ill and spent all her savings at home. The salary of Eckhard d’s work for many years is not as high as the imagination of the outside world. It has cost a lot of money to organize and participate in public welfare activities for many years, so now I will worry about Evelyn’s treatment costs.

They all said that “good people have good news”, this sentence is used to describe the Eckhard couple is no better. After learning about the embarrassing situation of Eckhard , Ningbo Charity Federation opened a donation channel for it. In just one day, the news was forwarded by more than 1,000 enthusiastic citizens, raising 128,888 yuan .

▲  At the Ningbo Charity Federation, the Eckhard couple took care of the charity

Being charity is the best memory for her.

Eckhard is also a German lecturer at the Ningbo Institute of Technology. He teaches German and German history. His class is humorous and very popular with students.

He was born in Freiburg, a small town in southwestern Germany, from childhood dream poetry and far away.

In Cyprus, he married his wife Evelyn. The two were like-minded and went to Nigeria, India and other countries. The connection with China dates back to the winter of 1985.  Eckhard and Evelyn were invited by friends to travel to Beijing and became foreigners who came to China earlier after the reform and opening up.

“At that time, there were only noodles and bicycles on the street. There were very few private cars. I walked with Evelyn in the alley, and the winter window glass was frozen. We glared at the glass and then wiped out a small hole and went inside. Peeping ‘People playing mahjong playing cards, very interesting.” Eckhard recalled. That early experience in China laid the groundwork for the two couples to stay in China for a long time.

In 2004, Eckhard came to Ningbo because of his work transfer.

Today, Eveline, who has been accompanying him for charity, is gone, but Eckhard has said that he wants to carry charity to the end.

“Her soul is still with me.” , Eckhard tells us, “The deceased has been paralyzed, the living is like this. My mind has a lot of ideas about charity to be realized, Being a charity is also the best memory for her. “

Source: Comprehensive Ningbo Evening News, Network

Eckhard Goessl
Eckhard Goessl

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