Frustration and Anger have reached me Finally

Frustration and anger have reached me finally

I have listed here some of the emails I did receive o my request to have a look to the website and support our fundraising to save Evelyn’s life.
It looks like cancer has become a really good business for some organizations and so-called health care centers. Not talking about the “charlatans” fight cancer with nature and food programmes. The last thing should be even abolished by law as it puts patients live dangerously at risk.
If cancer has started, the only way that works is the modern medication. Chemotherapy, immune therapy and what the next is on the line. Maybe one day we get a vaccination, which is different from what was shown in the horro movie “Resident Evil”. You might remember that the mutations were caused by cancer vacination… in the movie.
Here some of the qutes>>.copy and past from my emails<<< 

My letter of approach 

Help me safe a live…it’s only 1 life and might not change the world for you, but for me it does.
Since 25 years we are married and now CANCER is trying to take her away from me..
please read, share and help me to get the treatment she deserves…. please note that I have very limited access to Facebook here in China.
Please communicate via the website. English and German is fine.
PS: You can translate the webpage via browse translate plugin
Thank you

here some of the answers:::

I am approaching you based on the following feedback received by The Truth About Cancer organization.
for your reference: <<QUOTE
Hello Michael,
I’m so very sorry to hear your wife has cancer.
Unfortunately, we are unable to give any kind of medical advice. The best advice we can give you is to consult with one of the doctors we interviewed in the Global series.
We are not able to select an expert for you.
We’ve created a page with the experts’ contact info as it was available to us.
Here’s the link to the actual webpage:

Experts Info Sheet

Hope that helps.
Sending thoughts and prayers of hope and healing for your wife.
Lydia L.
(Truth About Cancer… US TV Program and fund raiser)
I’m so very sorry to hear your wife has cancer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give any kind of medical advice. The best advice we can give you is to consult with one of the doctors we interviewed in the Global series.

We are not able to select an expert for you.

We’ve created a page with the experts’ contact info as it was available to us.


I’m so very sorry to hear your wife has cancer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give any kind of medical advice. The best advice we can give you is to consult with one of the doctors we interviewed in the Global series.

We are not able to select an expert for you.

We’ve created a page with the experts’ contact info as it was available to us.

Hello Eckhard, and welcome to the Hope4Cancer family!

Thank you for reaching out to receive a call from our admissions department. We’re looking forward to speaking with you, and are here to support you through your healing journey in every way we can.

We understand that the decisions you’re facing are not made lightly, and we hope to empower you throughout this process. It is our absolute mission to help patients and loved ones understand all of their options, and learn how to heal the mind, body, and spirit through non-toxic treatment. We’re committed to providing you with all of the resources and information available so that you can make the treatment decision that resonates best with you.

In order to ensure that you receive the most benefit from your call, we kindly ask that you take some time to review the following information:

Discover The Hope4Cancer Difference – Video

Featuring interviews with our doctors, staff, and patients, this short film offers a firsthand perspective of our mission and treatments, and how empowerment changes everything.
Watch the Video Here

The Seven Key Principles
of Cancer Therapy – Video

Understand the concepts and science behind our integrative treatment approach with the Seven Key Principles founder himself, Dr. Antonio Jimenez. This one-hour
lesson provides in-depth insight into the scientific causes of cancer and how to holistically address the disease.
Watch the Video Here

Financial Resources Page

While treatments outside of the country are not covered under most health insurance policies, there are still many financial resources available for anyone seeking affordable non-toxic care. You can review these options here, and we’ll be happy to discuss any of them in detail with you during our call.

Please review the above information and be ready for a call from our admissions team from a (619) area code.

Although we are currently experiencing high call volumes, our knowledgeable and caring admissions counselors are dedicated to making sure that you hang up the phone with all of your questions answered.

We assure you that we’ll take all the time necessary to address any and all concerns, and we hope the information we’ve provided has proven useful as you prepare for your call.

Whether you’ve already committed to treatment at Hope4Cancer or you’re simply considering your options, we are here for you every step of the way. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Blessings & Love,
The Hope4Cancer Team

Hello we thank you for reaching out, I have copied Dana Morgan with Cancer Center For Healing to assist you.

Kitty McCall Smith
Executive Assistant to Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
Business Development Manager

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. author of the book THE CANCER REVOLUTION

Center For New Medicine
Address: 6 Hughes, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: (949) 680-1893
Email: [email protected]



My name is Claudette, I am an Admissions Counselor at Hope4Cancer. Thank you for reaching out, we value you and your health! I am excited to partner with you on your healing journey.

At Hope4Cancer we approach cancer treatment with a dedication to the Mind, Body and Spirit of each individual, targeting cancer at its core. Where conventional medicine focuses on treating only the symptoms of cancer, at Hope4Cancer we believe that a well-rounded treatment plan is designed not just to treat the disease, but to heal the person. The Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy are the foundation for our unique whole-body approach to fighting cancer.

Please take a look at the following link for a message from Dr. Jimenez and FAQs:

Please look at the new video just released at:

Below you will find additional information and statistics on survival rates:

These videos will provide more information on the treatments available at Hope4Cancer. Additional information can also be found on the website

You now have a password to view a series of Patient Stories, Nutrition Facts along with a short video about Healing and Prevention with Dr. Tony Jimenez
Password: h4c201607• This link will be valid for approximately 10 days.
Password: hc4201607• This link will be valid for approximately 10 days.

You can reach me at our office at (619) 669-6511 or you can text or call me directly at (619) 536-9141. To expedite the review of any medical records or images, please feel free to forward them via email or by fax to (619) 956-7071.

Thank you very much for taking the first step in contacting us. Your interest in Hope4Cancer Treatment Center is greatly appreciated! Have a blessed day.

In health,

Claudette Lopez
Hope 4 Cancer Treatment Center
Admissions Coordinator

1-619-536-9141 Direct Cell
1-888-544-5993 USA Toll Free
1-619-669-6511 Local
1-619-956-7071 Fax
Hours: 8AM-5PM PST Monday-Friday

This e-mail message and any documents attached to it are confidential and may contain information that is protected from disclosure by various federal and state laws, including the HIPAA privacy rule (45 C.F.R., Part 164). This information is intended to be used solely by the entity or individual to whom this message is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing, or copying of this message without the sender’s written permission is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Accordingly, if you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail or call (619) 669-6511, and then delete this message.

Hello Eckhard,

The doctors of the Tahoma Clinic only work with patients who live in the Seattle area. We are not able to make any recommendations to patients who are outside the country.


Tawni Pendleton

Tahoma Clinic & Dispensary
6839 Fort Dent Way
Tukwila, WA 98188

Dear Eckhard, I hope this email finds you well and that yesterday’s consultation was productive and helpful. Based on the information provided so far and the consultation held with our doctor. We have put together the attached treatment plan proposal for you. In the attached document you will find a detail of the therapies included into the treatment plan, test, services, accommodations, cost, payment information and more.
We would like you to know that we are ready and capable to start helping you as soon as you are. Our admissions days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and we right now have availability for any of these upcoming days. When it comes to a cancer diagnosis our doctors always recommend starting as soon as possible but if this week is too soon for you feel free to ask about future availability.
If you would like to start this week, please follow these simple steps:
1.- Sign the attached document, write your admission date on it and send it back to this email address (in page #2).
2.- If you are flying into San Diego, get your tickets to arrive on the chosen date and send de details of your flight to this email, the recommended time for arrival is from 8am to 4pm. (although we have 24/7 availability with our drivers just in case). Remember we will be sending a driver to get you at absolutely no cost.
3.- Choose your payment method and prepare it for when you arrive, if its credit card make sure your bank knows about out of the country charges and that it must be unblocked in case it has a limit. If its check please wait to fill it out here or if its wire transfer let us know so that we can send you wire details.
Important Note: if you come before August the 31st you can get a $3000 USD discount on the cost of your therapy, you will see this in the protocol attached.
Feel free to send me your comments and questions regarding the treatment plan, I will be happy to help you.
Best regards.

Mario E. Jacobo
Admissions Coordinator
Oasis of Hope Hospital
USA: (619) 690-8409 | MEX: (664) 631-6161
Toll Free: (888) 500-4673 | Fax: (619) 374-2825

Hi, Eckhard:

Unfortunately, this is not something we can do – we are far too understaffed. We would struggle to do this for ourselves – we are so busy helping cancer patients every day. However, we wish you well in this endeavor and hope you find someone to assist you. Blessings.



From: Eckhard Goessl <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:55 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: RE: New Form Entry: Contact Form

Dear Bob Wright,
Thank you for the feedback.
To clarify, I was not looking for funding from your end. As mentioned in Evelyn’s website, we are looking for individuals or institutions, that could organize the crowed funding for us outside China.
As you can see from the website, there is enough evidence for a crowed funding, but technically w are simply not able to set it up. Great firewall of China, IP blocking or simply that we cannot enter the ZIP code into the crowdfunding website.
I know there are people out there that would like to support us, However it is extremely complicated for us to reach out to them.
You know, we even do not have twitter or facebook. In fact we would need someone like a trustee to handle our case outside China.

Thank you

and some more
None did obviuosly visit the site and read what we are looking for.

We have thebest reatment in the world for Evelyn here IN CHINA. Best ocologists and access to modern medicine. BUT WE NEED YOU out there in the so called “free intyernet world” to support our fundraising. Here is NO insurance or other way to cover the costs. Until now many Chinese have supported us in the fight to save Evelyn’s live. But 3 years are a long time and the funds are getting tighter and the medications more expensive.

Please take your time to have a look at the site and see how you could support us. If you don’t have funds you can donate, please set up an online fundraiser or/and share on facebook and other social media. As you have seen, we have almost no access to those livesaving tools.
thank you

Against Cancer Fight
Against Cancer Fight