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The Treatment plan till January 2019

The vaccination again cancer is given in 4 injections into the abdominal muscles. Before the first treatment application, a skin test for the possible allergic reaction was done at the arms. first and second treatment went fine. No side effects. Evelyn is happy about this opportunity.

Unterstuetzung mit Google AdWords -Support with Google

Wir, in China, haben keinen Zugang zu Google oder einen seiner Services. Es ist wichtig, dass diese Website und von möglichst vielen Menschen besucht wird. Nur so ist es möglich von vielen kleinen Spenden die nötigen Mittel für den Kauf der Medikamente zu bekommen. 10,000X20 Euro wäre dann […]

A Milestone for Evelyn’s Cancer Treatment 2nd August 2018

Tomorrow 2nd August 2018, Evelyn has an appointment to start the long time awaited treatment with PD2 immune medication. If all is going by the plan, she will be one of the first patients receiving this treatment in Mainland China. Here some information about the hospital Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital From Wikipedia, […]

CT Scan June

The latest Ct taken these days in June 2018 is showing a smaller tomour than in previous CT. The doctors conclusion is , that the current medication is right and will be proceeded for the time being. Das letzte CT zeigt eine erkennbare Verkleinerung des Tumors. Die Ärzte schlagen vor […]

MRI Scan June 2018 Juni

A MRI was done to minimize the existence of undiscovered metastases. The result is showing no shadows or traces of such. A goo result Also the Chemotherapy in June did went smooth and with little side-effect. Das durchgeführte MRI mit und ohne Kontrastmittel zeigt keine Metastasen oder deren Spuren. Ein […]

With the help of Zhejiang netizens to tide over the difficulties Uncle Germany wants to apply for a green card

Online Translation English: This is already the 14th year that the German lover Carder settled in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Unlike most foreigners who have come to China for a brief “gold rush” and then left, he is applying for the China Green Card and is not going to leave. After his […]

Auf verschlungenen Pfaden – by Badische Zeitung Germany

Dieser Artikel wurde am 12. Mai 2018 In der Badischen Zeitung Freiburg Druckausgabe veroeffentlicht. Vielen Dank. This article was published by the Badische Zeitung Freiburg, Germany. The home town of Evelyn. Dank you for the support. Auf verschlungenen Pfaden (veröffentlicht am Sa, 12. Mai 2018 auf Here please find […]

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