Video about some part of the life in Ningbo and treatment

This video was taken by Ningbo Television station. They and the Wechat Media company did strongly support the additional fund raising for Evelyn’s treatment. Without those support it would not have been possible to survive for 36 month.

Dieses Video wurde vom Ningbo Fernsehen gemacht. Ich danke NBTV und der Tencent Mediengruppe für die Unterstützung, ohne die Evelyn nicht 36 Monate hätte überleben können

Eckhard Goessl
Eckhard Goessl

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RIP 28-06-2019–1:37

Lassen Sie uns zusammenarbeiten

this is the company of Evelyn Groemminger (RIP28-6-2019) that will now be carried forward by Eckhard Goessl (husband) as CEO.
Wir haben die richtigen Produkte und moechten gerne mit Ihnen zusammenarbeiten.
You find a portfolio of products that you can contact us for purchase. All item are regular export items to existing customers already.

With the increase of the sales network we want to offer new buying opportunities to you and to recover the expenses of 3.5 years of the cancer treatment.

The couple did bear the costs for the treatment with the help of the Chinese community.