Why Donate? What’s In For Me?

Thank you for asking this valuable question.

First of all, you helped save a human life. The person came in this situation with no fault of his own  and now the hospital can buy with your support the necessary medication.
As a thank you you are getting a link in the pixel page. The size of your image depends on the size of your donation.
You can get more visitors on your Facebook-page, Twitter, Instagram, Whats app … or corporate website.
I am glad to support you with the editing, if necessary, but it’s really easy.
If you have questions, you can also call. Write to me in the CONTACT and I will gladly inform you of my phone number.
In any case, you will receive a heartfelt thank you for your kind and generous support.
Thank you
Eckhard Goessl

Against Cancer Fight
Against Cancer Fight

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